Sunday, February 22, 2009

Girlie Girls

With a 14 y.o. teenage boy at home, I don't often get a chance to think about girlie-girl things. Sure, there was a time when Stan enjoyed dressing up in my clothes - and boy, the kid sure could walk in heels! LOL ... but I digress. After Stan's adoption and settling in, the whole dressing up phase passed quickly. This made visiting my nieces all the more fun - their daughters are 5 (Sadie) and 3 (Alyssa). I got some great pictures of the girls and am enjoying scrapping them. This is a page I finished tonight on Alyssa - we were in the backyard, looking for dandelion flowers ... aaahhh, the simply joys of life.

Credits: Everything from HeatherT's "Innocent Surprise" kit @ Get Digi With It,
except The Queen of Quirk template, Scrap Canvas #4 (used as mask for paper pieces)


Sheila said...

Adorable, Kat, love the birdies!

Calia Yang said...

very cute layout!! she's such a cutie pie!

mean mom productions said...

ooooooo I love the girlie...girl.