Monday, June 8, 2009

Down ... but not out

Had a great time on my weekend away - got sunburned and now I itch like crazy on my back ... but it's all good (except for the weird, "finger" tan lines that I now have thanks to an uneven sunscreen application ... duh!).

I know I promised to post once I got back, and that was a week ago ... but I've been pretty busy: the dog knocked my external hard drive off the table and it died. Nothing could be saved - not a single file. All that could be recovered had too many bad sectors to the point where it wouldn't even open. Kits I can replace (and thanks to the VERY understanding designers who have allowed me access to their kits again) ... but photos. I've lost most of nearly five year's worth of photos. Some I have backed up on CD's, so I'm going through those, one at a time, to see what I might still have - or not. My biggest fear was that I had lost all the ones of Dad - but I have those (in fact, I have those on multiple CD's! LOL). I've also lost my last 4-5 completed LO's - well, the Photoshop and high-resolution JPG files, at least. It will be just my luck that someone wants to publish these and I can't give them the high-res file they need ...

Oh well. Moving on. Just about got all my kits reloaded. Managed to scrap a few things and can now catch up on my CT work. Here's a few pages I did the past day or two. The first one is a page from my weekend away (the pelicans were wonderful to watch); the second is for a CT call by Carina Gardner (a digi designer at Two Peas)*** UPDATED - OUT FOR PUBLICATION ***; and the last one is for a challenge at Making Memories For You. Enjoy. I'll be back with more - and will add credits to the pages - once I get everything straightened out again.


Célio Pirola said...

Olá, muito interessante seu blog, Parabéns.

mean mom productions said...

This are wonderful layouts Kat!

Ss about the sunburn..