Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Baby ... aaaawww

When I lost the last 12-18 months' worth of photos, I realized that I also lost all pics of my "baby", Haddie. We adopted her about a year ago, so all the funny things she's done, like climbing on the kitchen counters, destroyed numerous pairs of underpants, sweats, and socks ... and even eating toothbrushes (yeah, gross, I know) ... well, all that photographic evidence has gone. My baby was in the backyard yesterday evening and the light was great ... so out came the camera. She posed, like she KNEW I was taking some pics - isn't she a cutie?

Credits: Love Amour wordart, plus extracted heart - A La Carte; paper from Island Paradise; Photocuts Filmstrip v.1, distressed; Photocuts Frames v.1, matted; Photocuts Masks #3, modified slightly; check marks are a Photoshop shape, distressed -- all Carina Gardner (Two Peas). Checklist stamp from Romance Me, Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas).

With most of the recent photos lost for good, I've started to go back over some older ones, including from five years ago, when we adopted DS from Bulgaria. He doesn't talk about Bulgaria very much - in fact, he prefers not to. However, we'd like to make sure he remembers where he came from, whether it was a good experience or not. I'm putting together some pages for DS from our trip to pick him up (we had to stay in-country for almost a week, so we did some sightseeting). This is one I did recently with a photo from the Rila Monastery. The Monastery was a wonderfully peaceful place; a fully functional monastery that allows the public inside. The architecture was beautiful and the place just oozed history ...

Credits: "Unforgotten" by HeatherT, "Bucket Full of Sunshine" by Vinnie Pearce (both Pixel Canvas); vingette by Sande Krieger (Two Peas); font is Dear Joe.

We've had so much rain recently - and with more on the way for tonight (lightning is around, as I type this), that our backyard is literally like a swamp. The ground squishes under foot. I even found a "friend" in the garden - thankfully, Haddie didn't find him - he would have made a great toy to play with and chase around. I've really been trying to improve my photography, especially my macro shots - I took these in the late afternoon, and was about 3-4 inches away from my yard visitor ... I like how it came out (considering it was a last-minute, rush kind of thing):

Now I hear thunder ... better sign off.

'Til next time ... :)

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mean mom productions said...

love your haddie..she definitely will have stolen anyone's heart.

sorry you lost all your information.