Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Bee

Almost another month has passed and we're headed into what I call the "downhill run" to the end of the year. Halloween ... Thanksgiving ... Christmas ... New Year - and hello 2010! Can't believe another year will be ending soon - where has the time gone?

We're all pretty busy right now, hence the lack of posts here. DH is connecting with family members that he hasn't seen or heard from in literally 20 years or more ... and discovering a number of new cousins and extended family members. It's been great exchanging messages and photos ... and now we need to get to California and Michigan to catch up with everyone in person (hi Don, Marge, Caroline, Shelley, Linda, Eric, Tom - and Tom ... and all the kids!). DS is enjoying finding out about everyone, too.

Been busy over on FB - will need to add a link here, I guess. Yep, I bit the bullet and got an account ... and now I'm addicted (well, kinda ... not really ... yeah, okay) to Farmville. It's a silly game where you run your own farm, harvest crops, help out neighbors with their farms ... but still, a fun game.

Oh, the knee update ... quite funny, actually. The MRI results showed arthritis - knew that ... lateral disclocation of the knee cap - knew that, although the knee cap seems to be in a better position than we original thought ... and some minor tears of the meniscus - ouch, that means surgery to scope out the knee and clean everything up ... but thankfully, not now. AND, with all that, none of those 'conditions' had anything to do with my not being able to walk! LOL I had iliotibial striping (IT striping) ... an inflammed muscle on the outside of the knee, running up into the quad. Are you kidding me? The meniscus tear was having no impact, and yet a sore muscle had me pretty much disabled for 3-4 days? Oh boy. Good news is everything is back to "normal" now - such that "normal" is for me. LOL

Digi scrapping wise, done a few more pages since my last update ... here you go:

Credits: Fall Jamboree - Jen Allyson; Photocuts Masks #8 - Carina Gardner.

Credits: You Frame It 1-6, Fruit Salad kit, Basic Beige papers, and Temptations #9 template, Noted Element kit -- all Kate Teague.

Credits: The Basics - Drawn Frames, Best of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Key Lime Pie -- all Kate Teague.

Credits: Deckled Curled Frame and Sticker Doubles - Mary Ann Wise; Fall for Me - Michelle Underwood; date stamp, Spot Color Collection - Jen Allyson; Font - journaling, Century Gothic; place names on photo, Dear Joe.

Credits: PhotoCuts Masks v.4 (modified) - Carina Gardner; Spot Color Date Stamp and Spot Color Word Rounds - Jen Allyson; Sticker Doubles wordart and Curled Photo Frames, Deckled - Mary Ann Wise.

... and for more detail, some close-ups of each page:

Credits: Children playing (recolored) and papers used in trees, August 365 kit, Crystal Wilkerson; hills (altered), March 365 Challenge kit, Crystal Wilkerson; Tree Farm Brushes, Kate Teague; Home Is Where The Heart Is, Sande Krieger; PhotoCuts v.8, Carina Gardiner. Fonts Century Gothic and Al Serenade.

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love it girl. Glad the knee is better.