Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morph Me!

LOL - well, not ME, exactly ... my scrapbook pages. :)

The wait is finally over ... the digital scraplift morph game is over - well for this round - and pages are posted. Remember as a kid, a group of you would sit in a circle and with one person starting, whisper a message into someone's ear ... and it would go from one person to the next? By the time you got to the end, the original message had changed or morphed into something totally different? Well, over at Two Peas, we do a similar thing with our pages. It's a great game - and the suspense of not knowing what each person did can be a little taxing - but then again, I do this to myself every time we play. Waiting ... waiting ... waiting. You see, it's a "blind" scraplift, so the only page you see (to 'lift) is the person immediately before you in the game. This time, though, I made it worse on myself - I was in charge of one of the groups, so I COULD have seen all the pages as they were submitted ... it was rreeeeally hard not to open the files in my email! Kerry and I posted the group results last night - you can find them here: Group A and Group B.

For my part, I did two pages using, predominately, Jen Allyson's Fall Jamboree Collection - just so in love with the colors of her kit at the moment ... and who wouldn't love that cute little owl?

(full credits for the pages can be found by clicking on the pictures below)

Our next digi morph group is forming. If you'd like to join in the fun, simply sign up here. Whether you're an experienced digi scrapping or just beginning, it doesn't matter. The key is to HAVE FUN - and isn't that what scrapping is all about?


Gennifer said...

Kat, I loved morphing you. Well, not YOU. Your layout.

mean mom productions said...

Totally cool kat. I just don't have time for morph ..