Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wahoo, It's Almost Christmas!

Okay, so perhaps you think I'm losing it, or lost it a while ago, when you read this message subject line. Yes, I know the official day of Christmas, December 25th, has come and gone ... but a girl can have TWO Christmases, right?

Design House Digital (DHD) is going live in a few days - and you can get 30% off ANYTHING in the store as a welcome, but just for this weekend (January 1 - 3, 2010). But wait! If you jump in now, you get a set of steak knives, free!!! Okay, so you know that last part isn't true ... but there IS a little incentive for you (if 30% off wasn't enough) ... stop by the site, register, and get TWO FREEBIES from some of the DHD designers. I hope you'll stop by - SOON (hint hint) - and say hello. In fact, why not pull up a chair, grab something to eat and drink, and stay a while ... Did I mention there's a male designer in the House? Check out DHD's blog for details - and also to find out who else is joining this fun group! Whether you're new to digital scrapping, or if you've been "in the know" for a while, I'm sure there are at least a few names you'll recognize on the DHD designer list.

******** and now, back to your regular programming ********

Well, we did it! Twenty layouts per group, two groups, and six weeks of exchanging emails, layouts, and messages ... and voila! The digital morph game/challenge at Two Peas is finished. I couldn't help myself and posted the final results on Christmas Day for everyone. You can find the layouts for Group 1 here and for Group 2 here. You'll see that we all started with the same layout (thanks Corinna!), and went from there. As the layout morphed from person to person, each of us took inspiration from something in the page we received, and just went with the flow. The beauty of this is the whole thing was a secret - you only ever got to see the layout of the person immediately before you. Of course, as coordinator for the game, I got to see everyone's (as I was responsible for posting everything in the gallery when we were done), but I didn't sneak a look, I promise.

Here are the two pages I completed. The first is a morph of Corinna's "Just Us" page (the fourth page in this group), and the second is a morph of Esther's "Christmas (???) Shopping". Both had great elements to work with - can you see how I translated Corinna's and Esther's pages into my own?

(credits for each page can be obtained by clicking on the pictures above - a link will take you directly to the Two Peas gallery)

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