Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eye Candy - Project 365

Are YOU doing Project 365 this year? I'm "kinda" doing a layout a week, hitting highlights of week.  I know others who do a photo every single day ... but you know what, I found I lead a pretty ordinary life, and I'm pretty sure I'd run out of things to photograph around the house!  That said, my week #4 layout (below) is all about the ordinary, everyday "stuff" LOL  Everything I've used is available at Design House Digital - just check out the gallery for credits, or click on the pictures and you'll get taken right there ... yep, the gallery is up and running.  Feel free to share your digital and/or hybrid creations - we'd love to see what you've created.


Did you hear about all the snow we got this weekend?  A whopping two feet, easy! The boys spent the day with neighbors digging us out ... and I spent the day taking photos! (well, what else?! LOL)  Here's one of my faves - the sky was just sssssooo blue this morning; it really was pretty outside:

Superbowl is on ... time's a tickin' ... so I'd better get off the computer - well, for a while at least.

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mean mom productions said...

what great photos. The snow is so pretty. Yeah my life is a never ending drama girl!!