Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Here!

Okay, so ALMOST here - can't blame a girl for getting excited, can you?  Only about 48 hours to go ... oh, don't know what I'm talking about?  National Scrapbooking Day! Okay, I guess this should be renamed International Scrapbooking Day, right - gotta love technology and how we're all connected now. :) 

A lot of scrappy sites will have fun and games this weekend - some even start tomorrow and run for three days. I'll be hanging out at Design House Digital (and may pop in to a few other places, too) - won't you join me?

Here's the thing ... the designers at DHD are keeping things pretty close to their chests ... they won't tell us what they have planned!  Makes things even more interesting - and you know me, I love a challenge ... and oh, bring on the games!  Hhhmmm ... that banner says "site-wide sale" ... uh-oh, that could spell trouble.

Now, the big question - will I have enough time this weekend to get everything done that I need to.  Okay, "need" is too strong a word .. "want" to is probably better.  Take dog to groomers, take dog to vets (poor baby needs her annual shots) - yeah, she's going to love me (NOT!) after this weekend ... paint the living room since the temp's are supposed to be in the high 80's (niiiiice) ... finish a few scrapbook pages ... chat on the boards, play games ... get the edge trimmer out and tidy up the front and back yards ... plant a few more Hostas ... oh my.  Glad I have Friday off! ROFL Think I'd better print of a "to do" list that I can keep on the fridge and cross things off as I go. I'll definitely need to put my multi-tasking hat on for the next few days, especially since there's still the usual household chores to be done, too - laundry, ick ... vacuuming, ugh ... dusting, double-ugh (I think our entire dining room and kitchen is covered in pollen) ...

So, what do YOU have planned for the weekend?  Are you in NE and digging out from this weeks' snow?  Will you be gardening?  Barbeques or picnics for anyone?

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