Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is Almost Here

Fall ... Autumn ... whatever you want to call it ... it's almost here! Yay!  There's a chill in the air (which makes a nice change from the  90+ degree weather), the air-conditioning has been turned off, windows are open ... nice. All we need now is a little color.  So far, there's an awful lot of green still in my neck of the woods.  Here and there, there's a spattering of red, but not much else.  I hope we'll get some yellows and oranges.  We'll have to wait and see.  Honestly, with the topsy-turvy weather we've had recently, I don't think the trees quite know what to do with themselves.  See this one?  Red leaves on the same branch as green ... I think the poor tree is a little confused.

With the start of October, we're now hitting what I call the 'downhill run'.  Before long, Halloween will be here ... then Thanksgiving ... then Christmas ... and then, hello!  It's New Years and we ring in 2011.  Do you know we're less than 12 weeks away from Christmas?!  Yeah, thought I'd throw that out there and scare you a little LOL  

Halloween isn't really an event I celebrate - it wasn't a big to-do in Australia.  However, that hasn't stopped our [now very American] son for getting into the swing of things.  Seriously, though, as an almost-16 year old, he really couldn't care less about the costumes ... it's all about the candy.  Yep, still all about the candy. LOL  I haven't purchased candy yet, but did get some really cute pumpkins and corn - mini versions.  A friend recently commented that I should try carving a pumpkin.  Well, Jennifer, I'm working my way up to that ... mini versions of everything this year, and we'll build from there, okay? 

In fact, Jennifer is running this month's photography challenge at Design House Digital - photographing fall fruits and vegetables.  Here's a few of the pictures I took this morning:

Speaking of challenges, they've been revamped at DHD - and restyled so you can more easily find the gallery posts everyone makes, plus the forums.  This is the new challenge page.

Over at Scrapbook News and Review, we've just finished up a fall tags series - some serious awesomeness from the staff who contributed. Even me, as a digi gal, can appreciate the details the staff put into their craft.  Really cute.  Here's a sneak peek of my contributions to the October issue of SNR magazine:

So, as you can see, page-wise, I've been a scrapping fool! LOL  Nine things for SNR, and then other pages elsewhere.  I've actually been catching up on my Project 365 pages ... but I've realized I have a problem: there are some weeks (more than I like to admit), where I don't have any photos or any journaling; I have no idea what we did! This is what happens when I wait too long to create:

So, I'm working on getting my P365 pages all caught up - well, as best as I can. It also means that I really need to keep my camera out at all times, so I at least have ONE photo to scrap about! LOL

Here's a little eye candy of a few things that I finished recently.  Credits for each page can be found by clicking on them (you'll be taken to the gallery information):


Okay, so much to do, and so little time - today we're heading to an Octoberfest carnival for a few hours. Hopefully the weather will stay sunny (forecast is for rain).

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