Monday, November 15, 2010


Seriously, Christmas trees already?  Okay, so not exactly - potted Douglas firs, complete with holiday bows.  Oh, yes, folks, buy now and get in the ground before it freezes.  Grow your very own Christmas tree.  Not.  Come on. Can we please get through Thanksgiving first.  Oh, and I really do like Christmas music, but can we wait for that until early December, not Thanksgiving?  Demanding, aren't I?! LOL  Bah Humbug!!

With the venting out of the way, I feel so much better - thanks for listening. :)  And now, to brighten your spirits (I hope LOL), some eye candy of recent pages. You can see credits for the pages by clicking on them - they are all linked to the respective online gallery.

Last weekend, I hosted the second Speed Scrap at Design House Digital. Wow, a great turnout!  AND, DHD debuted it's new chat room.  Yes, folks, a live chat room.  I think I learned more about everyone's pizza preferences during the pre-speed scrap chat than I'd really like to know.  This month's scrap was all about working with patterned papers and a white background, which can make shadows a little tricky, sometimes.  Check out the DHD gallery for the pages completed during the evening - all 17 of them!  Here's the page the girls were attempting to replicate.  I'll admit, many of the scrap pages took on a life of there own - but that's the fun - the instructions were open to each individual's interpretation (and yeah, kinda helps if I know my left from my right - sorry 'bout that):

For this month's Scraplift Challenge, we've been asked to 'lift this page by Jennifer V. ... and here's what I came up with (the photo was taken during a Fall colors photography class that I took at Adkins Arboretum, MD, a few weeks ago):

Still in challenge mode, I just posted a two-fer tonight - a page that covers the Technique Challenge and the Blueprint Challenge.  The technique challenge was all about using a themed-style of kit and producing a page that was NOT related to that kit theme.  I chose to use Friends by Karla Dudley's, which leans towards a more girlie style - pink, hearts, girlfriends, sisters ... well, my son and dog is definitely not girlie LOL:

At DHD, we've also welcomed the arrival of another designer, Celeste Knight.  Celeste does awesome patterned papers - a graphic style, right up my alley.  Celeste just released a kit called Sunshine, and I couldn't wait to play around with it.  The corner border on this page comes with just the outline - I had so much fun coloring it in using coordinating colors from the kit elements:

Over at Two Peas in a Bucket, we just finished up a quick round of the Digi Morph game - and I mean, quick!  Gen kept us moving along with a two-day turnaround time requirement for all game participants.  Remember that orange-leaf photo up above?  I used it again, in pieces, for this page:

The last page for tonight is another challenge page (I like challenges ... can you tell? LOL) from Two Peas.  In honor of breast cancer awareness last month, we were asked to create a page using a pink background.  Well, not only did I use a pink background, but I took the challenge quite literally and journaled about something close to my heart (literally!):

Well, Monday night football is about to begin .... yay!  Later!


Gennifer said...

LOVE that pink page, and how you make me sound like such a whip-cracker. (Is that a word?)

mean mom productions said...

Well this is awesome!! Great job Katherine.