Sunday, February 27, 2011

Murphy's Law

What's the saying?  Things come in three's?  Could it be something nice, instead of, well, not nice? *sigh*  Taxes done - we owe. Strike #1.  Airbag light keeps coming on with the car - $1,100 in repairs for new airbag unit as old one has just 'gone bad' with age (happens to the best of us!).  Strike #2.  Garden being torn up with a network of tunnels; dog going nuts digging up the yard. Suspect we have a mole problem; Orkin man coming, I hope. Strike #3.  So, I'm officially putting it 'out there' - no more bad things, please.  Nothing that requires any kind of financial outlay on our part.  A gift would be nice.  Winning the lottery, too.  Well, I can hope, can't I?!

On the bright side, my workouts at the gym continue to improve and today my personal trainer put me through my paces ... and wow, over one hour later, I have a new and improved weights routine to work through.  More than half of my exercises increased by more than 20-30% in weight.  I'll be doing some calf exercises using 160 pounds on the machine.  Um, I'm moving my teenage son around! LOL  That was quite the visual, I assure you - my trainer thought it was pretty funny.  He was waiting for the "I hate you!" comment, but that wasn't to be.  He pushed me.  Yes.  However, I know this is good for me - in the long run (of course, if I can't move tomorrow, I'll be saying some choice words! LOL).

Now starting to get into a routine with the gym, eating properly, and still finding time for scrappy stuff.  Here's a sneak peek of a few things I've been working on for an upcoming issue of Scrapbook News and Review magazine ... oh, and one of these things is for a challenge at Design House Digital (DHD) - but can't reveal which one it is just yet.

Speaking of DHD, there's a few of us doing Project 365 this year - or a morphed version of it.  I finished my February pages a little early this month - figured I wouldn't be taking any more pictures:

I also squeezed in a page about my late father.  I love visiting family and friends in Australia, but it always reminds me that he's not here anymore.  I swear my Mum has more strength than anyone I know (she says, tearing up as she's typing this).  This was a tough page to do, but was one of those "I have to journal this, right now, while I'm feeling things" type of page:

On a more cheerful note, and with a much happier color palette, I got to scrap some of the pictures from our Christmas vacation 'down under' - who knew a hotel garden could be so relaxing?

Over at Two Peas in a Bucket, the spring kits are starting to appear, and I got to play with ChrissyW's new Spring Breeze kit.  I got to use another picture from our trip to New Zealand - here's what I came up with:

As a last share for today, a page I finished up a few hours ago - Week 6 of Kerry's Lifestyle Challenge.  This week I did something on the 'next steps' - my nutrition.  Sure, I know what I really should or shouldn't eat ... but it's all about accountability.  A designer friend has inspired me to try Weight Watchers again ... so here you go, my page and it's "all out there" for everyone to see. (gulp - but no pressure, right?! LOL)

Okay, that's enough for now - you bored yet?! LOL  Upcoming events - look for the next installment of the Speed Scrap at DHD on Saturday, March 12.  If you've joined me before (yep, I'm your host each month), you know the drill - one hour to gather instructions, and one more hour to create and post in the gallery.  This month we'll have our own gallery, which will be nice - and makes things easier for us all to leave a little 'love' for the projects.  The same weekend, Two Peas is having an online crop (March 11 - 13) ... busy, busy, busy!

NASCAR is calling, so I'm going to go now.  Actually, while I watch the race, I'll be working on a few changes to my blog - got some things to update, so look for that in the coming days. :)

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