Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Lucky Day

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Did you wear something green?  Drink green beer?  Nah, not me - or anyone else in the family.  I did have a lucky day, though - I received a package from Hawaii today.  Okay, so I had to share (LOL) ... but thank you to "M" for the fresh Hawaiian pineapple!  It is being enjoyed tonight by the family ... oh, yummo!

That reminds me (post a photo, that is, not pineapple) - a few people were asking about the shoes that I mentioned on FB (zebra stripe with red 2.5" heels) ... not the best photo, but here they are:

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preci28 said...

yum on the pineapple, what a nice gift from Hawaii! And oh those shoes rock!