Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Your Morph On!

The results have been reveals of TWO digital morph "games" that I participated in - one a Two Peas and one at Design House Digital.  You can find the results here for Group #1 at Two Peas (Group #2 is still working on their pages), and Team Blue (my team) and Team Green (well, the others LOL) at DHD.  Here's a close-up of my contributions:

Morph games are a great way to get those creative juices flowing if you've hit a mojo roadblock.

In other news *** drum roll please *** I'm part of the "fresh meat" (ROFL) team for Tiffany Tillman designs. Okay, so Tiffany has also given us the much nicer title of Page Artists, which I like better.  I've been using Tiffany's templates for ages, and have worked with her kits (yes, she does kits, too!) and templates at DHD for well over a year now.  In fact, you'll see a layout from my last blog post over in Tiffany's, too.

This week, Tiffany's released more of the Modern Masters template series.  You know me, can't leave a template alone without play a little, right?! LOL  So, I joined two together and came up with this double-page layout.  The photos were from our Christmas trip 'down under' - actually, New Zealand, but that's close enough, right?  Sheep farming is a big part of the economy in NZ, and it was fun to get to learn about all the varieties of breeds in the country.  Well, okay, so Mum and I went to the farm ... the boys opted for another day spent at the luge ride. LOL

...and this page I did a week or so ago ...

For my guest CT spot with Dunia Designs (who also does some really great templates), she's got a new release coming out tomorrow that highlights lots of paper pieces.  I'll be laptop-less tomorrow (eeek!), so I'm posting this now - you'll be able to find Dunia's template at MScraps:

Now, what else do I have to share?  Oh, I know ... I will preface this with - don't underestimate the value of a "mini" kit!  No, seriously, just because a designer says something is "mini", doesn't mean it's still not packed with lots of goodies - here's an example of a new kit from Hazel Olive designs:

Calls for Scrapbook News and Review's July magazine are up - check them out for a chance to be published!  Also, we're now on Twitter - follow SNR and you could win $75!

I think that's it for today.  I think so.  Really, the days are merging, one into the next. LOL  The Memorial Day holiday weekend is upon us and we're headed out of town for a few days. Hopefully a trip to the zoo, pool time, a cookout ... don't know yet. We'll see how things go - and if we can even make it to our end destination!!  We're routed through Dallas, TX, but with all the storms recently, some of the planes have been grounded due to damage.  Um, yeah, if we were traveling today, our flight would have been cancelled.  Of course, it was the ONLY flight headed to where we need to go that was cancelled.  Keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow's schedule is completely open and we get to where we need to be.

July 4th is booked - thankfully, driving there (although I'm not sure that I really WANT to be stuck in holiday traffic ... oh well) ... and then in about nine weeks or so, I take a girls-only trip "out west" to meet some scrappy friends IRL!  I don't plan on getting much sleep that weekend.  Maybe I should take a day or two off from work when I get back to recover. LOL

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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