Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School?!

I've been seeing the tv and newspaper ads for a while now - ten pencils for $2, ten folders for $1 ... okay, those prices might be a little exaggerated, but I'm glad my son's in high school.  It's so much simpler: a thumb drive for computer lab, a couple of 3-ring binders, pens, pencils, and lined paper - lots of lined paper.  Then again, we have the whole clothes issue - 'cause Mom, don't you know ... that stuff is sooooo last year (even if it was purchased two months ago! LOL).  I see a shopping spree with DS in my future ...

Seriously, though - August?!  Already? *sigh*  I had posted on a message board that I think I needed one of those fan-dangle machines that you see in sci-fi movies that replicate things - and then I would replicate 8-10 copies of myself.  That would cover the basics: work, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping ... and I'd be left to scrap to my hearts' content. Ah. Yes. I see it now ... then again, is the world ready for multiple copies of me?!  (rhetorical question, folks - no answer necessary LOL)

I've been keeping busy planning a trip away - well, I'M not the one planning, that's in someone elses' hands ... but a girls weekend away, out of town ... with people I've never met. Um. Yep.  Fun!!! The trip is coming up pretty quickly, but there's still so much to do.  I mean, do the black shoes with the bow go with that dress ... or maybe the black shoes with the buckle would be better?  Yes, people - the choices and sacrifices I must make!!

To keep the sanity in check, I've been scrapping away ... and have some exciting news!  For the past couple of months, I've been a guest team member for Dunia Designs - and Dunia's asked me to be on her team, permanently!  Yay!  Her designs are a little quirky, with lots of fun elements ... and she has some great templates.  This is my latest page with her new release from last week:

The scrap therapy art journaling group continues to grow at Two Peas - we're having a lot of fun ... freedom to put whatever you like on a page, whatever you are feeling at the time ... no restrictions.  Here's my page with last week's prompt, Love - see that picture of the hubby?  It's actually sitting on top of a picture of DS - which he finds kinda freaky! LOL

A few people asked about creating that sticker effect on the dog and the boys?  Easy peasy.  Open your photo and rough-cut out what you want, in my case, the dog.  Select a foreground color, which will become the color of your sticker (oh, I'm using CS5, but I think PSE would also work), and then look at the Filters menu - hunt down the Sketch filters group, and in there ... Stamp.  Voila!

One more page to share (still working on a few before my trip) ....

If traditional or hybrid scrapping is more your speed, then check out Scrapbook News and Review magazine.  For the next couple of months, the staff will be highlighting a long list of manufacturers and showcasing what can be done with their products.  First up: Crate Paper.

Okay, better go ... lunch is calling.

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