Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Two weeks?!  Seriously, Christmas Day is in two weeks?  Wow ... and then it's 2012, a new year?  Yeah, I went there - the year is almost over.  I'd insert the stunned smiley emoticon right now if I could.

The holiday feeling is alive and well at the house - tree has been up since after Thanksgiving (Stan couldn't wait LOL), presents have been purchased and wrapped, gifts sent overseas, holiday cards printed (just need to be sent) ... following along with two scrappy holiday classes ... and yesterday spent two hours listening to a webinar about changes to Medicare.  WTH?!  Yep, in all this commotion, I've got classes to finish up for my HR re-certification. Thankfully, this is only once very three years - but, as usual, I've left things until the last minute. Doh!

Now, how about I spread a little holiday cheer your way?  I've got two $5 gift certificates to the Design House Digital store to give away on Christmas Eve - a little something from DHD to you (well, from me, too).  Want one?  Tell me what your most favorite thing is about DHD, e.g., the monthly challenges, a particular kit that is on your "must have" list, the NSBR chatting in the Family Room ... anything at all.  Everyone who comments here will have their name entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.  I'll post the winners here and at DHD on Christmas Eve.

Not in the holiday spirit yet?  How about some holiday-themed things from me?  Now, don't fall over backwards or scream or anything ... but I did ... a hybrid project.  Shock. Horror.  Yeah, I know.  Hybrid? Me?! LOL  I've got one that will be posted on the DHD blog later today, and have another on the front page at Scrapbook News and Review.  Yep, TWO hybrid projects - what is the world coming to? Bet you didn't think I even knew who Tim Holtz was, or what gel medium could be used for, huh?

For the more traditional stuff, I'm still doing pages for the season.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking two holiday-related classes (I'm sucker for those): Tiffany Tillman's Holiday Templates 2011 class at Renee Pearson, and Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas class.  There's some overlap in these two, but I'm having fun recording different memories for each ... here's some of the pages:


That first page for the JYC class has the photo I chose to use for our holiday cards.  A template was a great way to start, and then I added a bunch of things from Jen Martakis' Holiday Story collection ... so, closing this post, I'm wishing everyone a happy holidays and sending you, electronically, our card (LOL):


Beatricemi said...

I think everyone already knows that my favorite thing about DHD is the challenges, especially the 4-Play :-)
I love the shopping and the community also.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Liz said...

My favorite thing about DHD is probably the 4Play challenge. I am usually a one-kit scrapper, so using things on a layout from more than one kit is always a challenge for me. I must admit that it's getting easier to do 4Play LOs, and I'm even trying to mix on non-4Play LOs.

MamaBug said...

I'm a sucker for the challenges at DHD, too. I guess it's just the creative nudge I need combined with a touch of over competitiveness. :P

Thanks Kat!

Arielle ~ SnappyStamper said...

Well, besides the people that hang out at DHD (who are fabulous)and the challenges (which are also fabulous), I would have to say the monthly Speed Scrap. I look forward to it every month - it's like a crafty date night just for me - LOL!

meagan43 said...

I love that there are a lot of options for challenges, kits and things to do. Plus, there are so many ways to win, to keep me in my habit!

JanFRN said...

Do I really have to choose only two?? Speed Scrap and 4Play are my hands-down favourites. Speed Scrap actually encompasses one of my other favourite parts of DHD and that's interacting with the wonderful people who hang out there - with special emphasis on the regularly-scheduled hostess! I really feel like I have friends there. 4Play just works into my mojo... using pieces from a variety of kits by different designers that just work together is how I scrap best.

Sarah said...

Great pages! My favorite thing about DHD is definitely the monthly challenges. Any time I'm stuck on a layout I know I'll get some inspiration there.