Thursday, April 19, 2012

They're At It - Again!

So, we just got through the Mad March Memories challenges over at Design House Digital ... and the goodies keep coming.  For a while now, the designers have been teaming up to put out weekly - yes, weekly! - collab kits.  I just got to play with Erica's and Gen's collab called Office Space.  Erica's more modern touches worked so well with Gen's vintage vibe.  Here's the page I created - The Simple Life:

The dog really is quite funny - she's black and tan, and yet absolutely insists on laying out in the full sun ... ah, my little sun worshipper. Of course, she then comes back inside, panting because she's too hot.  Duh!  You're a predominantly black dog!  Sheesh. LOL

Tiffany also release some more templates in her Modern Masters series - can we say "Love!" ?   Lucky for me, I got to play with these, too.  Now, before you scroll down, I do assure you that Tiffany's template is in the page - it's the base for everything. LOL  Here it is - Together Forever ...

It might be a little hard to see - white background on white blog post LOL Sorry about that - but you still get the general idea ... I loved layering all the goodies from Robyn's Sweet Life kit - and this isn't even half of it! (there's a few of Gen's things in there, too).

Been working on quite a few things for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, too - will share those when I can ... lots of goodies! *wink*

Got a scrappy weekend this one - and next - planned ... so much to create ... so little time!  Later! :)

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LeAnne said...

Katherine, I thought I would pop in to visit your blog! All your pages are just stunning....I love the eclectic collage style and even though I don't scrapbook (maybe someday), I still enjoy seeing what you post! You are SO creative!