Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Bee!

Can't believe we're almost done with July!  Mind you, that's a good thing 'cause that means I've got vacation coming up soon - yay!  Other than a weekend here and there, the last real vacation I took was 18 months ago ... so I"m long overdue. 

Not even sure on where to begin with ... well ... stuff LOL  How about a quick summary?  Yep, that will work :) DS is still on summer break (oh, how I wish for a four-semester school year *sigh*) and eating everything in the fridge and pantry.  He's a teenage boy, what am I to do?  DH has a tentative job offer for a Federal government position (and the crowd cheers ... yay!).  Still got paperwork and a few things to do before he gets - hopefully - a formal, set in stone offer.  That will be nice - no more being subject to the ups and downs of contract work. Me?  Kickin' butt at the gym and so enjoying Body Combat classes, which are kinda mixed martial arts / boxing.  Lots of fun - and awesome after a stressful day.  Scrappy-wise, let's see ... Crystal Livesay joined The House this week - awesome! ... I've starting doing CT work with Audrey Neal's awesome kits and templates ... and The Art Studio has been launched at Scrapbook News and Review, which is great if you want to get your hands into some traditional supplies and learn the possibilities with things like gesso, watercolors, stitching ... and so much more.  What else?  Um ... just finished a class run by Tiffany Tillman on blending (you can find it over at Renee Pearson's site).  Actually, wish I had an iPhone - there's a class call i Shot That, which is all about how to use your iPhone for photography ... kinda neat.

Very much behind on sharing some art with you, so I'll leave you today with a few pages - they are all linked to the galleries, so you can find kit credits there :)

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