Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Halloween!

Nope, no Halloween for us this year - well, not yet :P  No candy in the house, and I'm kinda hoping it stays that way.  If DS has his way, though, we'll be knee-deep in stuff! Mind you, Hurricane Sandy might put the ca-bosh on the plans.  Sorry, son, but I'm not going out tomorrow in wind and rain (I'm not the mail person, you know) to get candy that, when you hand it out, will be one for the kids and two or three for you ... oh, and then deal with you on a sugar-high at 10:00 pm.  Yeah, I can do without that, thanks.

Speaking of Sandy - I hope all my scrappy friends are prepared and staying safe and dry this weekend. Looks like the East Coast of the US is going to have a wet few days, starting tonight and in to as far as possibly Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Secretly (sssh, don't tell my boss), I hope OPM shuts down the Federal Government, since our office follows the government closings and liberal leave policies.  I could use another long weekend *wink*  Couldn't we all, right? LOL  I mean, there's only so many hours in the day that I can spend working on a Physics lab that I have no idea about (yep - "apparently" the child *coughStancough* that DID the experiment really does not know much about it, either!) ... really ... my time could be MUCH better spent ... well, scrapping, snapping pictures, or watching football, Nascar, or baseball (tonight).

Scrappy-wise, I just finished a great challenge over at Two Peas - check this out.  Random papers based on the numbers given in the challenge, and THIS is the collection I have to work with:

I was doing okay with the green polka-dots ... and even the addition of a Christmas paper because the green in the paper is almost the same as the dotted one.  Then, enter my curve-ball - green, yes, but a yellow-ish green ... and doodles, and pale pink dots.  My solution?  Lots of SMALL pieces of each paper and then cover it up with embellishments! ROFL  The result - I LOVE my Elmo page!


Jen Martakis also released some templates this past week - YAY!!  (Jen secretly knows that I've been wanting her to release some for quite a while *wink*)  A combination of chevrons and banners - so I combined both in this two-page layout - and boy, was I surprised to see it on the Two Peas FB page!  (and flattered, of course)

For a change of pace, join me at Design House Digital next weekend - Digital Scrapbook Day - at 10:00 pm Eastern / 8:00 pm Mountain for a DSD Speed Scrap!

Well, not sure that I want to watch (my eyes are burning) the Redskins game - they're ... well, they're pretty much getting wiped out by the Steelers at the moment ... but maybe I'll switch between that and the Nascar race. Yeah, that sounds like an option.