Friday, September 13, 2013

Recording the Everyday "Stuff"

For those people tackling - and more importantly, keeping up - with Project Life, kudos to you!  I lasted 'til about week 14 ... and then, nothing.  Of course, I still have photos of things, so I could probably fill in a few more weeks, and might just do that.  See, I'm taking a class at Scrapaneers called Everyday Me - I mentioned it a few weeks ago - and while the focus of the class is Moi! (but, of course - duh! class title) ... it got me to thinking about the everyday "stuff" that I'm missing out recording.  For example, the emergency visit to the vet this week with my puppy (hurt her back), the two really cute doves that are sitting on the neighbors fence, preening, as I write this ... last night's storms, the tragic fires in NJ on the newly opened boardwalk.  Hhhmm ... I might be talking myself into doing PL again ... we'll see. LOL

For now, Crystal's class is a lot of fun and it's got me thinking about my past, present and future - yeah, pretty deep, right?  It's not often that I scrap about myself (the classic "all about me" type page), so this is a real change - and I've come to realize that I need to get in front of the camera more often. 

Want to join the class?  You can still register and work along with us ...

Better go - I have office newsletters to finish up ... :)  working in Photoshop all day ... for work.  Love it!

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