Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost there ...

Almost to ... to ... the big 4-0! Ouch. He he he ... I'll call Mum and tell her on my birthday - make HER feel old instead of me! Cruel, huh - yeah, but funny! LOL Have no idea what DS and DH have planned, but at least their talking about "something", so that at least is nice. Most likely it will be dinner out somewhere.

Been busy scrapping away. Got all my items completed for my Guest CT spot at MMFY for April. I've been using a great donated kit from Raspberry Road Designs (thanks Susan!), and got three pages and a card done, so far. Yes folks, you read that correctly - a card! Actually, DS likes it so much, he's asked me to get 10 or so printed for him to hand out. This is only my second card, and it's an interesting process for me. Cards - for me - are much more simple in their design (vs. a full page with photos, journaling, etc.) ... and yet ... I struggle with getting the composition "just right" LOL. I can't wait to share what I've created ... and will do so on April 1st. I'll be running three challenges at MMFY next month; I hope you'll stop by. I'll have a scraplift challenge on April 5, scraplift with a twist on April 10, and journaling on April 15. Each challenge will be do-able in digital, traditional or hybrid form ... page or card. In fact, the scraplift with a twist challenge will even work with altered items.

Got tomorrow off from work, so I'll be scrapping some more - but not before I head to the DMV to get my drivers license renewed. Seems I can't do it online; need a new photo. Is it just me, or does everyone else dread the thought of a new license picture? No sleeping in for me tomorrow ... the DMV opens at 8 a.m., but I'll need to be in line around 6:30 ... 6;45 a.m. at the latest. Yep, more than an hour before they even open the doors. They take everyone first come, first served, so I don't want to dilly-dally around and spend the bulk of my day waiting for a number to be called. C'mon, how long can a new license take? Not long, right? Hope not, 'cause then I've got grocery shopping ... steam clean the carpet on the stairs ... take the dog for a nice long walk (providing the weather is good - snow flurries are forecast) ... seems that whenever I get a day off, a day that is "supposed" to compensate me for working longer hours during the week, I never take it as truly a day of rest. There's always errands to run, appointments to keep. LOL *sigh*

Okay, back to work!


mean mom productions said...

coolz kat.

Cheryl said...

Hey Kat!

The RRD template challenge runs for the whole month of March . . . if you can post in the gallery at RRD, then do so, if not, give me the link to your layout at MMFY or GDWI (or wherever else) and I'll post it in the thread for you. The birthday kit is pretty cool and I think you'd enjoy scrapping with it.

HUGS! Cheryl

Cheryl said...

It's me again . . . I think Susan is going to extend the free kit offer . . . so get me your layout asap. Thanks Kat!!!!

Sheila said...

WOW you go girl! Is it your birthday tomorrow????????? HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!