Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Much To Do!

Okay, raise your hand (or hands) if you feel like you have so much to do ... and just not enough time in the day to get it done? Can you see me waving my hands, wildly in the air?!

Spring has begun to arrive, and with that there's a flurry of household things we'd "like" to get done. This coming weekend is the start - a contractor will drop by to give us a price on new gutters for the house. We suspect that they need replacing - each time it rains, we have two corners that drip, all the time. The corner joints have come apart ... rusted ... don't know. Then there's the new mattresses that the beds need ... a new fence ... new retaining walll ... *sigh* on the "fun" side, with the weather finally turning a little warmer, I'll be able to get some painting completed inside the house - got downstairs in the living and dining room, and then upstairs, in the exercise/spare bedroom. The colors are all picked out - it's just a matter of it being warm enough for the paint to dry. I love painting :)

On the scrappy side of things, I've started my CT assignments with Scrap It Sassy - I have an opportunity to work with multiple designers each month. Here are my first pages with Crystal's Soft Lavender kit:

... and over at Get Digi With It, Heather has a great collab kit out with the girls at ViVa Artistry: Route 101. Look for a few things with this kit in the coming days ... meanwhile, check it out - there's sssssoooo many goodies in there ... it's amazing!

... AND at Making Memories For You, I'm getting ready to start a one-month guest CT assignment. I've had the opportunity to work with a great kit donated by Raspberry Road Designs ... but more on that tomorrow, when I can post my layouts and card (yes, another card!).

... AND (didn't I just say that?! LOL), to top it all off, I STILL find time to scrap for fun. This page uses a few things from Two Peas - Perfect Pet by Rhonna Farrer, and frames from Naked Stamps Sheets #2 by Meredith Fenwick. The dog is such a clown, and she has such an expressive face - how can anyone resist, huh?

Okay, back to work - got a lot of things on my "to do" list there, too! LOL

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