Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

Nope, just hump day - Wednesday. I guess I'm eager for the weekend to get here 'cause I've got Friday off and that means three days of "fun" to be had. Actually, Friday will be filled with a few appointments in the morning, and then house improvements and construction-type things in the afternoon: I have to finish painting upstairs and get DS moved into the "new" bedroom, and contractors will (hopefully) stop by in the afternoon to install new gutters and downspouts. Actually, the same contractor is stopping by today to give me a quote for new siding and fascia boards - we noticed the siding is lifting from the edges around the side of the house. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the bees and occasional wasp weren't making a new home under the edges! We've sprayed a few times, but the bees, particularly, are pretty insistent on getting under the siding - they pace back 'n' forth trying to find a spot we haven't sprayed.

Can't wait to see how the bedroom looks when I'm done - even got DS some new bedding for the room. We ended up going with a gold/mustard color. It's a KILZ color called Fire Glow; the contrast with the [now] white trim is good, too. I should have taken pics when I started ... oh well.

The digi designers that I work for will have new kits out soon, so be on the lookout for them at Two Peas, Get Digi With It, and Pixel Canvas. I was playing around, again with some photo masks that I picked up from Pixel Canvas (by Vinnie Pearce), and pulled old photos (from summer 2005!) of DS at the water park, his first trip to a water park. I'd scrapped these before ... but by the time I added Vinnie's photo mask, and then pops of color with items from Kate Teague ... well, I had a whole new page. It's quite different in "feel" from the one I did 11 months ago, and although I used the same photos, it takes a little bit of looking to see that this is actually the case.

Credits: Page Clipping Masks Set #1, Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas); Film Fun and Playful, Kate Teague (Two Peas); title font is a freebie from Kate Teague's blog; font is Island Style (also Two Peas)


mean mom productions said...

ooo lots to do on your end. Love the re do of an old layout.

Have fun!

preci28 said...

Aww love this page. You so have to teach me all the good stuff of digi that you know.

Sheila said...

WOW, Kat, great job and good luck with the remodel :)