Saturday, May 9, 2009

Uniquely Different

I was looking through some of my latest scrapbook pages and realized - my style is that I have no style! LOL I see that question come up every now and again on message boards: What's your digi style and if you paper scrapped, is your digi any different? I guess, deep down, I'm a clean-lines kinda gal. However, just look at these two pages that I did yesterday - they are about as different as they could possibly be: one graphic/grunge/pop ... and the other still graphic, but more stylized.

Credits: Photo Mask Set #1, Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas); staple (misc.); felt heart
(Digital Design Essentials); wordart and glitter frame, Natali Designs (Scrabook Graphics).

Credits: Inked Edge Template, Crystal Wilkerson (Two Peas); everything else from
Playful, Kate Teague (Two Peas); font for '&' and 'smile', freebie from Kate Teague.

Do you like the font I used for "smile" in the title in the second layout? Kate Teague is offering this as a freebie on her blog at the moment if you purchase $10 of her products - and Kate has some great, fun things available at Two Peas in a Bucket.


Sheila said...

Beautiful pages as usual Kat! Love Natali Designs WordArt. Gorgeous!

Gennifer said...

That's what I struggle with the most... knowing and finding my style. When I try to do something different, I just never end up loving it!

I'm jealous that you have that ability. You're so flexible! :)