Thursday, June 18, 2009

Change is Coming ...

So much happening right now, that I don't know quite where to start. Okay ... let's see ... a summary might be best:

  • Heather's got an open CT call right now. You can read about it HERE. The ladies are great to work with - as is Heather ... and, I'll admit that while I'm relatively new to CT's, Heather's is BY FAR the most international that I've seen or read about! (Notice that she did her CT call in French for our European neighbors?!).

  • Carina has a blog giveaway that runs until next Tuesday - its for her new Garden Vignette collection, which will be released next week. Oh, did I mention that I'm working on Carina's CT - that's Collection Team (a little different from a Creative Team, but many of the same responsibilities). The page I did for my "introduction" to Carina's team has already been snapped up for publication - in less than a week! More on that as the publication date gets closer.

  • Speaking of publications, Scrapbooking Memories, an Australian scrapbooking magazine has also asked for a page of mine. I don't know, for sure, if it will make the final cut ... waiting to find out. Just tickled that they'd even be interested in the first place.
Probably so many other things I could talk about scrappy-wise ... but I don't want to bore you with all the details. LOL

On the home front, DS has finished school for the year - he made it through 7th grade in one piece. Waiting for final grades to be mailed out, but all looks good from what we're seeing online. So, DS is at home ... and bored! Oh, what I would do for an 8+ week vacation! But, DS is a social kid and he ... he ... misses school. Not for the educational aspect, nah, don't be thinking that - he hates lessons, sitting still, paying attention and - most of all - homework. He misses his friends ... and Lord, it's only be one day. *sigh* I suspect my food bill will increase expotentially now that DS is home all day ... eeekkk.

Plans are forming for our trip 'down under' in August. It will be good to see Mum again ... yeah, and even my brother. DH has already booked us to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge again - yep, all the way to the TOP. We did this last year and had blast - even if DS is scared of heights; he still did it. Last year we did the tour right before sunset. By the time we got to the top, we had the city below us, all lit up with the neon and flourscent of the night ... beautiful. Oh, and yes, we were, literally, walking along the top of the bridge - harnessed with rock-climbing type hooks, hooked right on to the bridge. Awesome!!

I'm planning an air balloon ride for me and DH one morning (hopefully it won't be too cold) during our trip. Since DS is scared of heights, I don't think he would want to go into the air in an open basket LOL - then again, this is for me and DH ONLY, so DS wouldn't be invited anyway! Mum is also planning a vacation-in-a-vacation for the four of us. The last time I went on vacation with her was ... I don't know ... when I was maybe 12 or 13? It promises to be fun.

Okay, better sign off - got work to do (hhhmmm ... why do I always update my blog at the office?!) ... and I'm leaving early today - Comcast has messed up our HD signal somehow, so need to get that fixed. So far we've already swapped out the HD box and ... nada. He he he - that's okay, though, I'll leave at 1 pm today instead of 5 pm :)


preci28 said...

I can't wait to see pictures from the bridge. What an experience!!! That's something I would love to do even though I am afraid of heights to. Oh and the balloon ride--OMG so going to be cool. Another set of pictures that will be amazing, oh and the digital pages to come out of that will be totally cool!!

mean mom productions said...

I loved your pictures from Sydney last year. they were terrific!

I have already entered both contests for carina's give away.

i am still trying for heather's team but currently having to finish a ex-student's pictures.