Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Bee

Before I write down a few random thoughts for today - and load a few pages of eye candy - I wanted to stop and express my condolences for the people that lost family members in yesterday's Metro rail crash in Washington, DC. I'm only perhaps 30 miles from DC, still well within the "metro" area for the District ... and wow ... Driving home last night, shortly after 5:30 pm, I heard the announcement on the radio ... and promptly called DH and told him to turn on the local news. What a horrific accident. Washington DC's Metro train system is one of the safest in the country, and this magnitude of accident have never happened before.

Hopefully the coming days will shed some light on exactly what happened. I hope that the families can find some peace, and that those injured, severely or otherwise, recover soon.

A friend also lost her mother recently ... so sending big hugs her way, too.


On a lighter note, things are in full swing with DS and his summer vacation - the kid is bored ... still. So far, so good, on eating everything in sight - although I'm sure I'll find some empty boxes in the pantry ... perhaps weeks from now ... you know, when I really need "X" for something. *sigh*

The boys are planning another baseball trip. Seems a lot of fun was had the first time around - oh, and DH wants to get enough points for a free hotel stay (yeah, there just had to be an ulterior motive, right?! LOL). Hey, I say let them go - that will leave just me and my 'baby' at home to kick back, relax, watch movies, order in ... well the dog will get her own treats, not mine. I've given DH specific instructions to have OTHER PEOPLE take photos this time. There's only so many shots of his and DS's noses at arms length that I can handle!

I've been busy scrapping all kinds of things. Heather's got some new things at Pixel Canvas, and I had my first layouts with Carina's kits posted at Two Peas today. Well, I DID have something else of Carina's posted in the gallery ... but it's been snapped up by ScrapStreet.com magazine (July issue). Check their Pet Park article *wink* Funny thing was, I sent in my submission for the call and less than 24 hours later I had a request for the page. Now, you're probably wondering what's so funny about that?! Well, the editor wasn't responding to my submission - she found me on her own by scanning the galleries. The fact that I'd applied at the same time she was looking was just a coincidence! LOL If you've been following my blog, you might be able to figure out which page it is ... if you remember. Hint: it's fairly recent. I've also been asked for something for a in-print magazine - for next year! Publishing-wise, this has been a great year so far! :)

So, here's a few things for today's eye candy ... hope you enjoy!

Both of these pages use the Midnight Bloom paper pack, buttons, and rub-on alphas from Carina's new Garden Vignette collection (available at Two Peas).

This page has all kinds of things - pieces from Crysal Wilkeron (Two Peas), Natali Designs (Scrapbook Graphics), Sande Krieger (Two Peas), and Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas). I just love mixing 'n' matching elements from different designers. Each has their own style ... and yet I relish the challenge of making everything work together ... well, I HOPE it all works! LOL The photos are courtesy of Tisha - they are of her son; this was a photo swap at at digi site. Can't wait to see what she does with the photo I gave her!

Here's my favorite one of the bunch. I love the pop of red ... the template that I used as the base ... the stitching. Once again, this is a mix of designers - the papers all come from Crystal Wilkerson, the stitching from Carina Gardner, the flowers from Vinnie Pearce, the words from Studio B, and the template from Ashley Kennedy ... phew!


mean mom productions said...

great job kat..trips are such fun!

preci28 said...

As you know love that red page..

I thought about you with the metro accident, and wasn't sure if you or your DH used it to get to/from work.

Jen Martakis said...

Beautiful layouts!! Congrats on your pub!!

Sheila said...

WOW! Ya leave for a bit and all heck breaks loose, you got your groove on, lady! LOVE the new pages! Congrats on the pub and everything else going on!