Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Should Know Better ...

*sigh* An unattended blog - sad, huh? It's been a few weeks since I posted, and - well - we've all been pretty busy. Might want to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable for this one ... it's going to be a long post!

Last weekend was the 4th of July holiday, Independence Day. The weekend is usually full of parades, baseball games, cookouts, and the best part of all - fireworks! DS has never seen fireworks, live, so we headed to a Minor League baseball game since the local team has fireworks when they play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Funny thing was, the fireworks accidentally started at the top of the 9th inning, instead of the bottom - and the players were left standing around the ballpark, watching ... confused. Thankfully, the fireworks were stopped, and the game finished up - go Potomac Nationals, great win!

It took us nearly an hour to get out of the ballpark parking lot, and when we finally DID get home, we found the dog had been her usual mischevious self: she'd climbed on the kitchen counter and knocked a container of protein powder on to the floor ... tore off the lid (it looked like a vampire had attacked it! LOL), and licked her way inside the container as far as her little tongue could get her. Needless to say, that container has been thrown out. Talked to the ASPCA poison control folks to see if there was anything in the powder that could be harmful for her ... nope. Harmful to us, perhaps - oh my, the GAS!! Peee-uuuuu!!!! The vet explained that about 1 oz of fiber is usually enough for a dog of her size to handle. Based on the calculations they did, they estimated she's had 5 oz ... and that resulted in the dog getting a good colon cleaning. Oh my, you could smell her from the other room! (sry, TMI?! ROFL) All's well now, though ... thankfully.

DS is in summer school at the moment - one week down, two to go. The middle school program is being run at a school on the other side of the county - yuk. Oh well, he gets to take the bus there and back. He's been very responsible with the cell phone usage and just calls to let us know he's leaving in the afternoon. Apparently he copped a lecture from the bus driver the first day due to cell phone use - not him ... but DH! ROFL DH kept calling to see if DS had got on the correct bus and with the phone ringing all the time, the bus driver not-so-politely pointed out that the cell phone was a big distraction while she was driving and it needed to stop. Of course, not sure why DS didn't think just to turn it off ...

Work is relatively quiet for me at the moment, which is good - got a lot of loose ends to finish up. Busy period is coming, though: training on Affirmative Action and COBRA (HR stuff), a workers' compensation audit to prepare for, a webinar (more training) ... and soon we get ready to start the annual review for our healthcare plan. And in the middle of all that, the family is getting ready for our trip to Australia - only five weeks now ... can't wait.

So, with all that going on, I've still managed to find time to scrap - a whopping 14 pages!!! And, on the publishing front, if you subscribe to Digital Artist Magazine (an online digi mag), check out the layout on page 121, the inside back cover ... and keep your issues of January 2010 Scrapbooks Etc., magazine (well, when it comes out) *** wink wink ***

With that said, here comes the gallery for sharing ... hope you enjoy! First up, here's a sneak peek at a new collection that Carina Gardner has coming to Two Peas next Tuesday: the Sproutlets Collection.

Also using a lot of Carina's kits, here's something using some new frames (collage-style) that Carina released last week at Two Peas. The papers and stamp are also hers ... in fact, the only thing that's not is the small glitter sprays and blue butterflies, which belong to Vinnie Pearce (at Pixel Canvas):

Heather's also been busy releasing new kits at Pixel Canvas, and here's three pages that I did with her stuff. The first two use the same kit, "School's Out" - see how different the "feel" is?

This last page (for Heather) uses her painted edges and borders kit (also at Pixel Canvas). I toyed for some time with the selection of a background paper for this one, and finally decided on a charcoal grey color - I just love how everything pops off the page. In addition to Heather's painted elements, there's a few flowers from Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas), circle stamps from Erica Hernandez (Two Peas), and wordart from Rhonna Farrer and Crystal Wilkerson (also Two Peas).

Here's a page from last weekend's baseball game. It was created, in part, for a digi challenge at Two Peas to blend multiple photos. I played with my camera's auto setting for taking rapid fire shots - like how this came out. Even better, I'm glad the fireworks pics came out - usually I suck at night photography! LOL Here all the pieces from the designers at Two Peas - ScrapCanvas template from Queen of Quirk (modified), Must Have Words from Studio B, papers from Vintage Candy Cane and Playground by Crystal Wilkerson, staples, stitching, and clip from Carina Gardner ... phew!

June was challenge month at Making Memories For You. These three pages were for the challenges - the first was a mystery recipe, so I had no idea what to use until it was posted ... the second was the scrap a vacation excursion ... and the last was the scrap a favorite food. The last two pages were part of a month-long "cruise" that I and a few other members went on - there were a total of 16 challenges to complete, if you wanted to do all of them!

... need to get another cup of coffee yet?! LOL

One of the things I love about Two Peas is the freebies that the designers offer - there's usually one or two nearly ever week. Chelsea Parsons brought out a new kit that had a wedding theme ... and c'mon, you know I just had to play with an Aussie's girls kit, right? Actually, this was a one-day challenge to use Chelsea's kit (called "A Delightful Day"). I added the Tryptch Frame from Rhonna Farrer, a tab also from Rhonna (from her Office Supply Mini Kit), a photo mask behind the photos from Carina's Photo Cuts Masks Set No. 1, and some words from Studio B. The photo is from my nephew's wedding in 2006 - I cropped it very close to the cake and the kids cutting the cake.

Stylistically, something a little different now. This next page was my "blind" digi morph page at Two Peas ... yes, FINALLY, I get to share! OMG, the suspense just about did me in! ROFL It's a great challenge - a blind scraplift. You don't get to see what everyone else has done until the very end, except for the person immediately before you on the list. It's a little bit like a scrap chain letter - the original layout goes to person #2, who lifts it and passes their lift to person #3 ... and so on. It was great to see how everyone had taken each other's page and lifted various elements. I'm going through a photo mask phase right now, so I used two masks here from Vinnie Pearce, along with elements (buttons, flowers, etc.) of hers. The twine frame belongs to Natali Designs (at Our new blind morph challenge is already underway - and this time we've split into two groups, each starting with the same page. I've already completed my page for Group B (I was the 2nd person on the list), and can't wait until Group A gets finished - I'm the last person there. I LOVE the page I created ... but ... of course ... I can't share it ... yet. Why, oh why, do I do this to myself?!

... and to round out the post today, one of my fave layouts. Some comments have said it's cool, but a little creepy LOL I created the page for a scraplift challenge at Pixel Canvas (Annette's original page was so cool - she highlighted the eyes in her layout). Everything on this page comes from Pixel Canvas - all Vinnie's stuff (two photo masks, overlapping, the butterflies, and the twine with beads).

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