Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

So, it's Sunday afternoon ... nice "almost" Fall weather (but still a little too warm for my liking). NASCAR is on the tv, Redskins lost (oh, like THAT's a big surprise ... not!), dog has been walked and fed, bunch of cooking done for the upcoming week ... life is good (and the whole house smells of cooked food LOL).

Talked to my Mum last night, first time since we returned from vacation. Apparently she's been trying to send some emails to us, but she keeps getting everything returned with error messages. As a test, she sent a quick message and said to let her know if we got it or not. I replied: "Nope, didn't get it." I'm expecting a similarly smart-arse reply in return! ROFL

Finished up the "book" that I was working on at the office. First time I've actually had a book printed, bound, etc. Looked great, except that some of the pages were in the wrong order - oops! Thankfully, the printer I use has a great staff, and they have been very accommodating - and they've printed another copy for me, which should arrive tomorrow (I hope). The function/presentation will be Wednesday.

Got a few pages to share. The first uses Victorian Papers from Carina's new I Remember When collection. The vintage style is kinda outta my usual scope of pages, but I always enjoy a challenge to try something new or continue to work on my skills. I also added Mary Ann's Worn Frames. However, once I got done (okay, so I THOUGHT I was finished), I thought the page needed something else. What, I had no clue, and it took me quite some time going through my digi stash to find it. And "it" ended up being a couple of bright blue butterflies, a ladder, and a quote from Vinnie Pearce's He's Royalty kit.

The second page uses a lot of papers from Jen Allyson's Spot Color Simple Shades line - I think Jen's released eight or nine (?!) paper packs in the past couple of weeks in the Spot Color collection! Although the colors in Simple Shades are muted pastels, I still used them on a layout about DH and DS. I love that I was able to capture this photo of the two of them ... wonder what they were talking about? It seems so secretive. They were so engrossed in conversation that they didn't even know I was still taking pictures. The tree elements are also from Spot Color, but I added some rhinestones for something a little different. The template comes from Queen of Quirk ... and I enlarged a frame from Mary Ann's Curled Photo Frames (which I'm really loving - great basic "go to" pieces).

OMG! What is it with male genes?! While I've been typing here, I've heard 2-3 minutes, each, of NASCAR, football, CNN news, the weather (huh?!), and now golf. AND, the channels keep changing even though there are no commercials playing ... hhhmmm ... think I need to go get control of that remote!

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