Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter to Mr. Mojo

Dear Mr. Mojo,

Can I just call you Mojo? It seems we've known each other for so long, and adding "Mr." in front of your name just seems so, well, formal. Not my style at all - and not yours either, I suspect. Glad we got that settled.

Now, I know we've had our up's and down's over the years, and while I'm not complaining or anything, could I please know why you keep leaving? I mean, I'm sure glad you came back this time, especially at such a busy time of year. See, with you here, I've been creating up a storm - and even last night, with one eye on the television, I still managed to put together this page:

I don't know why you leave ... wish I did. Maybe then I could get you back sooner. I mean, the creative drought that ensues when you're gone ... well, it's just cruel. I look at a blank screen - and just keep looking! I'll open kits and spend a lot of time pushing elements around on a page ... and ... nothing.

Oh well, not to dwell on the negative. You are here, and I'm glad you are! What can I do to entice you to stay? We'll be having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow - you'll be here for that, right? Turkey, sweet potatoes, baked veggies, green beans ... oh, it will be nice. I hope you can make it. On Friday we're going to get into the holiday spirit and put the Christmas decorations and tree up. An extra pair of hands is always welcome, especially for placing those ornaments at the very top of the tree. I'll also be wrapping some of the gifts that need to go overseas, and always find that I need a finger to help hold a ribbon in place ... can you? Will you ... ?

Well, hope you relax today as I will be calling on you over the four-day weekend (yep, no work, so we'll be busy, that's for sure). If I don't see you tomorrow, have a great Thanksgiving.

-- Me.

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