Friday, November 20, 2009

Unheard of!

Well, almost unheard of - two posts from me today! My MOJO IS BACK! It's a terrible thing to lose your mojo ... you feel lost, hopeless ... frustrated ... sad. But all is good - it came back. Have no idea where Mr. Mojo went (yeah, you know it has to be male, right?!), but he's back, and that's all that counts.

So, here you go, a little more eye candy from today - sssshhh....I'm working in the office, really, I am (did that sound convincing enough?)!

(too many kits to mention for credits - just click on the picture to find them)


Jen Martakis said...

working, huh? ;)

Beautiful page Kat. I'm loving all that yummy whitespace.

Janelle said...

I just love this page, Kat. I try and try to do white space pages - just can't. You obviously can. :)

And just wanted to say that it made me smile to have you onto my secret this week. Thank you.