Friday, December 4, 2009

December Daily - Still Here!

Yep, I'm even surprising myself ... day #3 and layout #3 completed. Okay, so today is "officially" December 4th, but I DID complete 99% of this page yesterday - so that counts, right? Did an impromptu photo session with DS and the dog last night. Well, I needed some pictures, didn't I?! LOL DS was a good sport about it - and the dog would do just about anything for a treat (I think she had enough, almost, for another meal! Sheesh.).

Listening to Jingle Bells playing on the radio ... office Christmas tree went up this morning ... forecast for tomorrow is a little snow. Lovin' it!

Off now to grab lunch and think about today's page ...


mean mom productions said...

how funny! I did too. Expect the girls were playing feed the doggie. The younger one was the dog and old one was the owner in the midst of playing card games..

Katherine said...

Good for you! Your LO is GORGEOUS, Kat!

Right now I'm FOUR days behind in my DD. I found out December 2nd that BasicGrey is launching a new web site December 10th and offering their designs as digital elements so . . . have been holding off for that. Getting kinda nervous though. There's no guarantee that they will release anything Christmas-ey. And if they don't it will send me scrambling for sure!