Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Search of ...

... templates! LOL No, not really ... but kinda. (yeah, how confusing is THAT for first thing in the morning?!).

When I looked into this the Journal Your Christmas class with Shimelle this year, my first thought was, "Templates. I'm going to need templates in order to create 30+ pages!" ... and off I went, in search of ... well, "stuff"! I purchased every template that Jen Martakis has at Two Peas. Yep, her Simple Starts AND White Space lines. What can I say ... Jen's a kit pusher, and I was easily influenced ROFL - okay, no, seriously, I love the base template and build from there.

However, having some 12 templates just wasn't enough. No, I'm not greedy ... just want to be prepared. I mean, a girl just never knows when she'll need "the" template, right? I had seen some message board posts about Tiffany Tillman's 25 Days of Christmas class which come with 25 templates. Ooohhh, goodie, I thought ... but I didn't need to sign up for another class. I'm not one to set myself up for failure deliberately. Perhaps I should have signed up, though - the templates, at least what I can see from the posted pages, look really cool. But, Tiffany's also has some freebies on her site ... perfect for what I needed!

Although I haven't used one of Tiffany's templates in my holiday journal, I did use "Hoopla" for a holiday page: a Christmas letter, of sorts, to my puppy. Yes, you read that correctly - my dog. Not my son, husband, or human family member ... my dog. I used another freebie that I found at Design House Digital. If you check out Carina Gardner's blog, you'll see that she's moving to this new site in the New Year. Eventhough things aren't officially up yet on the new site, I signed up for the newsletter and got the Christmas kit, for free (I love free).

So, I'm in search of freebies ... templates, kits, mini kits ... what are your faves?

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