Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Debate Continues ...

In the never-ending debate of Nikon vs. Canon, I made my stand. Canon.  Yes, Nikon might have faster shutter speeds, but I don't tend to take a lot of action shots - I'm more a landscapes / still's kind of gal.  Canon has great HD video, which will be good for capturing those "boot scootin'" moments with the great-nephew (long story), or the various choruses of Phantom of the Opera sung by my great-neices.  Canon - more mega-pixels.  About the same on price ... yes, I waged a war with myself for a few days on which side of the fence to fall on to.

My new toy arrived this week, so I've already had a little play time. It's going to take a little getting used to, and some learning with all the advanced settings - but, thankfully, not all this is new to me.  As I played with my new camera, I also said goodbye to my digital point 'n' shoot. It's been a faithful camera for the past couple of years, and will go to a good home - my teenage son. I scrapped a page to commemorate the breakup; hopefully, when you click on the picture to get a bigger version, you can read the journaling:

Credits: This Moment (iNSD freebie) by Audrey Neal; Pinfeathers by Carina Gardner; Lovestruck by Audrey Neal (heart modified to “break”); alpha from Blog Hop Freebie, Design House Digital (various designers); template (modified) is 365 Layered Layouts Templates No. 5 by Deena Rutter. 

My journaling is usually much more serious. The facts. This was fun to do. LOL  But, now with the new camera in my hands, I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can do.  I have a photography class coming up - two 2-hour sessions in a local butterfly garden and conservatory.  Can't wait!

I have another layout to share - another fun one - it's called Froggy Boots.  I've seen these kids boots before and when I was asked to create a page using these photos ... well, I knew the perfect kit, too.  So much fun!  It was totally cool to see the page included in a design article at The Daily Digi (a new site I discovered a few months ago).  This layout was also in April's issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

Credits: Rainy Day by Audrey Neal; Template (modified): 365 Layered Layouts Template No. 9 by Deena Rutter; Font: Pea Sammy Jo.

At home, we're playing a waiting game - waiting for the home owner's association. We've finally decided to bite the bullet - the financial bullet - and get some much needed hard-scape work done in the backyard.  The new stone retaining wall and brick patio will, I'm sure, look fab-u-lous when it's finished ... but we need HOA approval first on a few things ... then the County permit ... then to schedule the job ... waiting ... waiting.

Oh well, more waiting means more time to scrap and take pictures.  Works for me!

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mean mom productions said...

Nice camera..we have settled on cannon but haven't purchased it yet. i have to get a job..still searching.