Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is Hard

Oh, the choices we have to make!  Why can't there really be an Easy button for life's decisions? Yeah, okay, I can go to Staples and buy one - but I want one that really works, is that too much to ask? Probably.  So, here's my dilemma ... blue or pink, dog or barbecue.  Seriously, might just have to get everything as it's on sale today (new releases are always on sale for the first day):

What? Oh, my bad - my life decision for today is what new digital kit - or kits - should I buy from Design House Digital to add to my stash! LOL  Yes, it's a very important decision ... quit laughing!  There's even MORE things, with a new kit from Sara Schmutz that's all about summer, and Deena Rutter has added a few more things to her Scarborough Fair line. You can buy just pages or elements or a whole kit.  See how this is getting more difficult by the minute?!

*** begins to breathe into a paper bag to prevent hyper-ventilating ... in ... out ... in ... out ... ***

Okay, decision made: I'm getting everything! LOL  Here's a page I finished using something from last week's new releases. 

Credits: Madeleine by Audrey Neal; 365 layered layout template #6 by Deena Rutter. 

So, with that decision made, the rest of the day should be a breeze, right?  I mean, I've "only" got to wrestle with the Home Owners' Association about the new retaining wall we want .. and then there's the contract to review for the new attic fan ... and maybe when I get home I'll do some work on the spare bedroom - we have out of town guests arriving at the end of the month and, um, there isn't even a bed in the room for them to sleep on. My bad.

No rest for the wicked.


Heather said...

I came to a decision pretty close to yours... buy it all! I didn't get quite all but about 90% of the new releases today. :)

Great page with last week's releases. Love how you have used the template with the papers & the photocorners over the one photo especially. Beautiful, rich colors.

mean mom productions said...

great job!!

Jeryn Carlisi said...

I know, right? Decisions, decisions. Sadly, I was only able to get that Notions girl kit today (so far) but I'm sure that will change a soon as I get home.

And I love your LO! Just love the colors.