Monday, July 5, 2010

Where does the time go?

Seriously, it's July already?!  Wow.  My son has graduated middle school and is eating me out of house 'n' home, the heat has set in ... it's definately summer.

I've been busy doing things around the house, preparing for visitors from Australia.  They stayed for a few days over the holiday weekend and are now in New York before heading home - well, home via Fiji (lucky them!).  We had a great time and decided to see a few things out of town - Luray Caverns and Kings Dominion.  The boys had a great time together.  Here's a pick of them at Kings Dominion after running around one of the waterpark sections:

Our next visitor will be in August - family this time (although the visitors that just left may as well be family, I've known them for so long LOL).

In between the house "stuff", I did my two Saturday's of photography at Brookside Gardens.  Big "hey" out to Toni, who told me about the class in the first place - it's great when you get to meet online friends IRL.  We had one Saturday of butterfly photography, and the next weekend taking pictures of flowers.  Can't believe I took over 230 photos of butterflies in just that one session.  I've already turned the photos into pages for my P365 album (which is dreadfully behind - my bad), plus I caught up on my Memorial Day photos:

Credits: Summer Template #24, Tiffany Tillman; Life in June, Kate Teague; Summer Picnic, Sara Schmutz; 365 Starter Kit, Deena Rutter. 
Credits: Just the Photos 2 - Angled, Kate Teague; Road Trip Elements and Textured Cardstock, Audrey Neal; 365 Starter Kit, Deena Rutter.
Credits: Summer Template #16, Tiffany Tillman; Americana, Carina Gardner; Good Dog, Audrey Neal; 365 Starter Kit, Deena Rutter.
I also just completed a page using Audrey Neal's new Mod Flower mini kit - it has a kind of retro feel to it, so I aged my photos to help them fit better. Yes, this page was completed using a MINI kit - gone are the days where a mini was only a few pieces of paper and an element or two!

Credits: Mod Flowers Mini Kit, Audrey Neal; Stuffy Template No.1, Tiffany Tillman; Orange Crush Mini Kit, Audrey Neal ("&" recolored); Baby Safari Tattered Frames, Carina Gardner.

All of the kits and templates from these pages can be found at Design House Digital.

I've been busy over at Scrapbook News and Review, too, creating all kinds of things, including an ATC - an Artist Trading Card.  Now, if you've created these using traditional scrapbooking methods, you know they're pretty small - only a few inches.  Digital would be a breeze, right?  Um, not quite.  Instead of a 12x12" page, I used an ATC size and worked from there. Most digital kits are sized for much larger canvases, so it was a challenge to resize things and keep them in proportion ... but it was fun.  So, with the ATC first, here's a few of my pages from the May issue of SNR Magazine:

Credits: Greymouse Manor Winter Ball by Lori Davison
Credits: Gypsy Rose collaboration by Studio Rosey Posey and Studio Gypsy; I Remember When, Barely There Solids by Carina Gardner; Worn Frames by MaryAnn Wise; Rooted in the Past by Birgit Kerr; Vanity Fair Coral Stamps by Jen Allyson; Royale Wordart by Veronica Spriggs.
 Credits: Watch Me Now, Michelle Underwood.

Wow, I just realized how very different those SNR contributions were, in style ... LOL

Okay, a longer post than I'd anticipated - guess I had more to share than I thought.  Well, it's Monday afternoon on a holiday weekend, and I've got things to get ready for work tomorrow.  Summer school also starts tomorrow for Stan, so I should make sure his backpack really IS packed.  Chat with you another day!

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preci28 said...

Love Lurray Caverns. So cool!

I love your butterfly page, that photo class sounds so awesome!