Friday, August 6, 2010

August - Seriously?

Wow, I can't believe it's August already.  Okay, so yes, the calendar says it's August - duh.  But seriously ... it will be Christmas soon!  Oh, don't laugh - you just know we're going to be seeing Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in the stores any day now.  Once we get to Labor Day, it's basically a downhill slide from there until the New Year.  O.M.G. It's almost 2011!

Well, before we get to next year, I've got so many things to do!  Wonder how many scrapbook pages and projects I can complete over the next couple of months?  Hhhmmmm.  Finishing a project assumes that I don't start any new ones mid-stream, right?  Yeah.  Not going to happen.  The cabinetsin the kitchen are still needing to be refinished.  Well, at least the drawer fronts have been repaired and are back in place with new runners and nice handles.  Now, if we can stop the dog from opening the drawers and using them as a step-ladder to get to the counter.  Gggrrr. 

One project that will be completed is our backyard make-over.  After two months of waiting for Association approval and obtaining County permits, work began this week on our new retaining wall and patio.  The previous homeowners (or perhaps the people before them) did a really crap job of putting up a wall and patio.  Now tell me, if you have a retaining wall, about 3.5 feet high, would you make it with untreated 2x4 lumber?  Would you not put any supports running back into the hill (the 'dead men')?  How about the patio construction.  Compacted gravel or composite base?  Nope.  How about a wood frame (yep, 2x4's again) placed directly on the ground.  Cover this with plywood, slap some pavers on there and then fill in the gaps with quick-set concrete. Uh huh.  Sure, that will work.

A three-man crew has been working at the house all week, demolishing and rebuilding everything, properly.  They're almost finished - Monday is when we expect to have everything wrapped up; the final inspection is scheduled for that day.  Gone is the wood wall, replaced by stone block.  We even got the contractor to throw in replacing the little retaining wall in the front yard (which was original to the house, so 25 'ish years old), as a freebie.  The new patio also looks great.  I'll post a few pictures over the weekend.

On the crafty side, I cleared out some baskets in the spare bedroom and found that I have two sweaters that need finishing.  All the pieces have been knitted; they just need to be sewn up.  Sounds strange to be thinking of wools and knitting in the middle of summer, but that means everything will be finished (it's on my project list) by the time the weather turns.  Sat down and knitted a little last weekend ... found it to be quite therapeutic and relaxing.

My scrappy mojo is here, in full force at the moment.  There have been some great new releases at Design House Digital in the past couple of weeks, including the addition of a new designer, Karen Funk.  Karen was a decorator at DHD and has now moved into designing - and I love her kits and style!  I just used Karen's Color My World kit to create a "rainbow" type of page.  I've seen these before and wanted to try one - you layer elements of similar color families on top of each other; love how this came out.  Here's a few of my latest pages (click on the page for gallery link and credits).  My full gallery can be found here.

Wow.  I think I'll stop there - and I still have more that I could have posted. LOL  So my mojo is really here right now ... that or I totally have no life.  Speaking of which, got plans for Saturday night - yeah, THIS Saturday?  Join me over at Design House Digital for a Speed Scrap!  We have a really great host for this fun game.  The scrap will start at 9:00 pm EST - but we'll be chatting before then, making sure everyone has the requisite supplies, i.e., some form of caffeinated drink and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Oh, and do you have a subscription to Scrapbook News and Review magazine?  Look for tutorials from yours truly in the August issue (will be out later this month) on using the Healing Brush tool, and also on extractions ... oh, and some awesome eye candy and inspiration pieces from the digi staff.  I even did another (yes, my second! LOL) ATC ... look for that in the September issue.

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