Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Foliage

Well, what a fun day I had - a photography class with Josh from Archiphoto Photography.  I've taken one of Josh's classes before, but this time I managed to learn a little bit more about my camera.  I'm not quite comfortable enough to go 100% manual - yet.  We had a couple of hours to shoot in the early morning at Adkins Arboretum, and then Josh took us through our paces with some photography 101 - and a little more advanced things.  I learned, for example, how easy it is to stitch panorama's together in Photoshop CS5.  Wow. Who would have thought - just a couple of clicks of the mouse.  So, here's some of my pictures from today.  I'm so happy that most of them are SOOC (straight out of camera), with no processing.  That, to me, means my photography is getting better ... well, better in my eyes.  (Oh, and the panorama is a composite of four pictures.)

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