Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!

Well, did you play any pranks today - or have some planned for tonight?  After running some errands this morning, I found the hubby at home - early. Too early.  A prank?  Unfortunately, no. He's now on the hunt for another job. *sigh*  No notice, no warning.  Oh well, two interviews lined up for next week already.  Actually, the funny thing is, he's had the one for Thursday lined up for a day or two now, and he's been trying to figure out how to get to the interview while still working ... not a problem now! LOL

After all my recent medical tests, the doc gave me pretty much a clean bill of health today - but did draw more blood.  He thinks I'm borderline anemic.  Wow, there's a new one.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love a good steak (or two), but in reality, I guess I don't really get much iron through what I eat.  Oh well, easy-peasy fix.

Have spent today setting up the new laptop (birthday present from the boys).  It's been sitting on the desk for a week.  I'm such a tease. It was killing the boys for me not to open it ... right away! LOL  I believe I showed quite a deal of restraint in leaving everything intact until now.  Didn't even break the seals on the tape.  So, I'm sitting here with the new laptop on one side, the old on the other, making sure I transfer and reload the applications I want (you know - Photoshop, Lightroom ... the important things LOL).

Realized I have a few pages to share with you today, so - without further ado - here you go:

(Thanks, Renee, for picking this page as the Layout of the Week!)

(so, I want to be a photo journalist ... and there are how many photos on this page? 
None.  Absolutely none - all journaling! LOL)

This last page, Oh Happy Day, was part of a great digital "morph" game.  Remember how you used to play a "whispering" game as a kid - you'd whisper something, and that person would pass it along to the next, then the next ... and so on. By the time you got to the end, the original sentence was decidedly different?  Well, in this morph game, we did a similar thing - you sent your layout to someone, but added a challenge.  It could have been to use a particular color combination, an element, type of photographs.  Strange thing is, we started with Layout X ... went to Layout Y ... but never really made it to Layout Z.  We ended up almost back at Layout X, even without trying - and without the participants knowing what was happening to the pages!  Very strange - cool, but strange.  You can find all the gallery for the layouts here.

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