Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost ... but not quite!

It's a teaser! Yup, that's all it is - 85+ degrees today, but only today.  The rest of the week will be 20 degrees cooler, with rain scattered in here and there.  Okay, Spring. Let's have it.  Either you're here ... or you're not. Over the weekend, we got the first sounds of lawnmowers being fired up, and even the icecream truck doing the rounds in the neighborhood.  We're so ready for you, Spring.  Where are you?  Oh, but I would like to add, you can keep the pollen and associated allergy attacks for youself, okay?

With the little blip on the radar that slightly warmer temperatures gave us, we went to the park over the weekend, just to get some fresh air.  Of course, I just HAD to take my camera along. :)  Here's some of my favorite pics from the morning - of course, those that know my son won't be at all surprised by the 'funny face' he pulled! LOL  These were all processed using the "Vanilla B&W" Action from The CoffeeShop:


Spring is all about new beginnings, right?  How about a new designer? She always looks fabulous and is, apparently, "practically perfect in every way".  Now, try to tell her that "practically" perfect is NOT the same as 100% perfect ... well, I'm not sure she'd agree.  Welcome Gennifer Bursett to the designing ranks!  At Design House Digital, we've seen Gen dabble in designing with her contributions to blog hop freebies, but now it's 'for real'.  Check out what the DHD Decorator Team did with Gen's kits here, on the DHD Blog (yep, there's a page in there from me, too).  Here's a few other pages I did over the weekend using pieces from Gen's kits, as well as other DHD designers - each page is linked my gallery, where you can find full credits:

 (for the April Speed Scrap)

With all this talk of Spring, I took things in a little different direction at Two Peas - a Fall-related page!  Hey, not my fault - a cute kit with an owl.  Need I say more?

 ... and to round out today's post, a silly-faced son! LOL

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Gennifer said...

The pages are lovely (as usual!) and thanks for all the kind words! :)