Friday, June 17, 2011

Fix It!

Over at I Heart Faces, they have a fun challenge each Friday - Fix It Friday.  Each week, a photograph is posted for community members to play with, tweak, ... to "fix" to whatever we would like.  This week's photo comes from Susan, a regular contributor to I Heart Faces (please respect copyright laws and do not copy this photo for your own personal, business or financial gain - thank you).  It's a great photo of the family.  You know the routine, right - set up the tripod, get things in focus, set the timer ... and then madly run into position and hope that everyone is looking in the right direction and smiling. LOL

Here's what I did to the photo.


After Lightroom

  • Warmed up temperature
  • Adjustments to exposure, fill light
  • Adjustments to yellow

After Photoshop
  • Honey Retro action (Coffee Shop)
  • Layer HR over LR fixes; lower opacity to 50%
  • Butter Cream action; lower opacity to 25%
  • Finished with Coffee Latte at 50%

Thanks, Susan, for sharing your photo and letting us play!

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