Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holiday Hangover

Seriously.  I'm beginning to believe that a vacation is needed to recover from ... a vacation! LOL  A few days at the beach, lots of R&R, and back to laundry, grocery shopping, getting dog from kennels ... wow. *** insert shocked face ***  Sometime yesterday afternoon, I got my second wind and pushed through ... and then crashed last night. The beds at the placed we stayed at were SO soft - not very comfortable; nice to be home again.  Of course, no internet for a while was a total bummer - I mean, don't they KNOW that I need to stay connected?  Sheesh.

So, with today's blog post, just wanted to wish everyone a belated happy July 1st (for my Canadian friends), and July 4th (for my US friends).  Hope you had a great time and were able to spend it outdoors, enjoying lots of sunshine with family and friends.

Here's a few recent scrapbook pages, just for a little eye candy, and some of my favorite photos from our weekend away.  (yeah, can't believe I'm still keeping up with the P365 pages!)

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