Saturday, October 15, 2011

Announcement Time!

I have some exciting news - actually a few things!  First of all - me.  Well, yeah, you know it had to be all about me, right?!  I mean what else could be so important?! LOL (sheesh, I'm starting to sound like my self-absorbed teenage son!) ... I was contacted recently by a few designers to see if I'd like to be on their creative teams ... and I accepted Ju's offer - that's Juliana Kneipp; she has a store at Catscrap.  In fact, if you check out Ju's Facebook page, you'll see she's giving away a copy of her newest kit, Fallin' in Love - which, I have to say, has so much stuff!!  (it's 350 MB!)  Here's a page I did with the kit:

On more news - and not about me this time LOL - there are new Decorators joining Design House Digital.  Here's the blog post at DHD with the announcement.  Congratulations to everyone that was successful in their application!  Did you follow the blog for our Halloween / October hybrid projects?  It was awesome - and that was right after our School of Design series ... there's always something going on over there ... busy, busy, busy! LOL

Speaking of busy, I've got some additional layouts to share ... each is linked to their respective gallery, so you can find full credits for the kits I used.  Enjoy :)

Okay, that's all for now - Michigan State is playing Michigan ... and we have the Tigers baseball game tonight ... but right now, I think it's time for lunch, and then maybe a trip to the gym.

Have a great weekend!

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