Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hanging Head in Shame

Wow, it's been HOW long since a blog post?  Um. Yeah.  I don't think I'll go there.

Fall has arrived in my neck of the woods.  Colors are starting to turn - barely; it's damp and cool and more days than not; evening temps are nice and cool, enough that we sleep with the windows open. Ah, love this time of year - although my mold allergies aren't too keen on it.  Had planned on a photography excursion this weekend and next ... but the class got cancelled.  Boo.  Hiss.  Oh well, got plenty to keep me busy - starting with prep for our monthly Speed Scrap at Design House Digital.  Strange.  I know it's coming up the second Saturday of every month.  I know I'm the one running it.  And yet ... I leave actually creating a layout and writing the instructions until the last minute.  I'll probably still be working on things a few hours before we begin to play. *sigh*

Speaking of DHD, there's a new designer in 'da House!  Welcome Angie Hinksman.  Guess that's a good lead-in to sharing some eye candy - long overdue, I'm afraid ... did you miss your fix?! LOL  Sit back, get comfy, here we go, starting with something from one of Angie's kit (all layouts are linked to their gallery for full credit information):


I'll have a layout or two tomorrow from Dunia ... just waiting for the kit to be released tomorrow at MScraps. *** wink ***

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