Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear Blog ...

Dear Blog,

I feel as though I should write to you and let you know you are not forgotten.  I could use all the excuses in the world for not coming to visit, but that's all they are: excuses. *sigh*  I really do like having you, and having the chance to write with you.  I promise I will get better and visit more often.

-- Me.


Okay, with that out of the way (LOL), I can play a little.  It's the Labor Day holiday weekend here in the US, and the boys aren't here! :)  In fact, they've been gone for a few days, headed "north" for a last-hurrah-of-the-summer road trip.  DS goes back to school next Tuesday (phew, thank God), and DH will start a new job in a few weeks (relieved about that, too).  So where does that leave me?  Well, me and the dog are just enjoying some quiet time, and I'm getting all creative - well, in between mowing the lawn, steam cleaning the carpets ... and today I might even rearrange furniture.  It's going to rain today, and I always rearrange furniture on rainy days.  Mum used to do this all the time - and most of the time, we'd end up putting everything right back where it was to start with! LOL

Been on a scrappy bender, of sorts, these past couple of weeks, with a few hours most evenings and then weekends creating pages.  And even with all that, I've still got a ton of photos to work through.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should go through the pictures, systematically, year by year ... or just keep with my haphazard ways ... ?  I'm not very good at chronological scrapping, but I could, if I really wanted to.

I do have a little announcement to share - Scrapbook News and Review is changing things up at the end of the year and wants YOUR contributions!  For the last issue of the year, SNR wants to highlight reader submissions (and this is awesome if you've never been published before, too - what are you waiting for?!) ... tutorials, articles, how-to's, even scraplifts if that's what gets your creative juices flowing.  You can find out more about the SNR information HERE.  Here's a sneak peek of just a few things that I have coming out in the September issue:

Okay, back to scrapping.  If you ever get into a rut or Mr. Mojo goes away, challenges are a great way to get inspired - and boy, did I catch up on challenges recently! LOL  At Two Peas, Erica Hernandez posts weekly challenges on her blog like a scraplift, and paper to digi.  At Design House Digital, there are monthly challenges, from color swatch, to photography, to "inspired by".   Here's a few of my challenge-related pages:

Did I say I was busy?!  LOL  Here's a few more pages complete in the last week or two ...

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