Monday, August 22, 2011

Show Off!!

Anyone that's been following my blog for a while knows that I have a dog - a dog with personality! LOL  As luck would have it, the challenge this week at I Heart Faces is - pet faces!  Awesome.  So, I toyed with the idea of submitting a photo of my puppy - but which one.  This one was a close runner-up - it really showcases her personality (just a shame that she's lying right in front of the sliding door and I have a lot of glare off the window) ...

... but here's my entry for this week - a much more serious picture of the dog who, lucky for me, just loves to be a show off and sit nice and still while I take her picture ... what a diva!

 If you're a pet-lover - and a sucker for a cute, fuzzy face - check out the other entries this week ... oh, so cute!


Leasa said...

Such a pretty face.

Christina said...

Belly rub! She's a cutie!