Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching Up

In my last post, I hinted at the Speed Scrap at DHD over the weekend ... but what I failed to mention was that I wasn't going to be there! Sneaky, huh?! LOL  Big thanks to Mary for hosting for me.  Looks like some great pages were created - here's the inspiration (it's linked to Mary's gallery since she posted it for me, in my absence):

Now, why wasn't I around?  We were out of town as a surprise belated birthday present for my son.  We pulled him out of school for a day and took him to visit family.  Of course, it took quite a LOT of convincing him that he really wasn't going to school - seriously, a teenager who WANTS to go to school?! LOL  But, once among family members, he had a blast.  Plus, we threw in a few surprises for my SIL, who's b'day is coming up - I'm not sure that she will trust her daughter again! ROFL  Lots of fun, did some geo-caching (that's SIL's BFF's fault - we're addicted!!) ... and I took a lot of photos.  While still spending time with the family, I managed to snap over 300 pictures.  I'll share those over the coming weeks in layouts or "just because".

Came back with a nasty stomach bug, which wasn't so nice - ugh, 72+ hours of stomach cramps and ... well, I'll spare you the details.  Suffice to say that even while staying at home yesterday, I didn't get online until 3:00 pm, and even then, that was just to check office email (and I couldn't log in) ... I know, a whole day (almost) without even turning the laptop on?!  *** shock horror ***  I did catch up on a few things, though, later in the evening ... here you go - and here's a "just because" of the picture in the first layout ...

Before I finish up, Scrapbook News and Review magazine is looking for members to add to the digital team.  I've worked there for nearly two years; it's a great place.  The magazine is accepting applications from today until December 15, 2011.  You can find all the details at the site - check out the information on the front page; the electronic application form is at the main menu at the top, under Calls - Digi Staffer Call.  If you're on a design or creative team, this is NOT a DT/CT call - the successful applicant(s) will become a staff member with no pre-determined term and an at-will relationship with the magazine.  On a personal note, what I love about being in the digi team is that I can use any kits I like for my magazine pages - and I'm sure the designers I work for love it too!  The magazine contains over 300 layouts and craft goodies each and every month ... wouldn't you like YOUR PAGE to be in there as part of the digital contribution?

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