Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Passes All Too Quickly

Eight years.  Has it really been eight years?  On March 6 - yep, just last week - we had a little celebration in the family.  You see, on March 6, 2004, the hubby and I returned from a trip overseas, but brought with us a little passenger:  Stanislav Anetov Hristov ... now, just Stan (or Stan the Man, Stanley ... or a whole bunch of other names that I don't think I should print here for fear of embarrassing him - but that's what parents are for, right? LOL).

The timid, shy little boy you see here has now grown into what you might call a typical teenager.  Attitude?  Yep.  Hates high school (well, the school work part of it).  Wants to drive.  Yep (Lord help us).  Has transitioned from "playing" with friends to just "hangin' " (yeah, playing is for babies).  Almost half way through high school, and turning 18 later this year.  Seriously?!  Wow. 

Happy Anniversary, Stan.


Gennifer said...

Aww... what a great post. And what a handsome guy he is! :)

MamaBug said...

This made me tear up. Congratulations to your wonderful family. So very happy you found each other. :D