Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Excuse the Mess

I'm trying out a few new templates from Blogger to give my blog a facelift - been a while since I changed this up - so if you check in every couple of days, don't be surprised to see different designs popping up.  I did a predominantly black design over the weekend ... but, eh, it was pretty dark.  Torn between that and this one, a simple white design.  Both have advantages and disadvantages, as far as highlighting projects and photos ... but I think the text is easier to read on a white background (vs. white text on black).

Now, here's a few test pages that I did recently.  Both have a white or partly white background ... so I'm not sure how these will look - either really cool and artsy, or it will get "lost" on the page.

Okay, well that's pretty cool.  While I'm preparing this post, the layouts are all getting lost, blending into the white background of my blog design ... but, when the post is "live", each picture has a box around it.  Me likey.

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