Saturday, June 9, 2012

For My Readers

Hi Melly!  (yeah, couldn't resist).

Actually, I really should catch everyone up on a few things, like me and my pages.  Me first LOL!  I'm sitting here typing this post in my PJ's, which is nice, but not for a "nice" reason.  I'm covered in a rash and hives .... eeewww, right?  I've managed to get through my life, so far, with no food allergies.  Sure, a few seasonal ones, such as tree pollen and a flower weed in Australia called Patterson's Curse (aptly named since I only need to be down-wind from the darn stuff and I go into a full-blown allergy attack ...gggrrr!) ... but food?  Found a great substitute for peanut butter - well, thought it was great: Biscoff Spread.  Sweet. Cinnamon. Yum.  Label says contains wheat and soy ... fine.  No wheat or gluten allergies, and I eat edemame (soy beans) ... yeah, until the itching started ... then the rash all over ... then the hives.  Today my hands were so itchy I just wanted to peel the skin off my fingers.  Seriously, dude, could I be more itchy?  Doc agrees it's a food allergy and since this is the only new food in the past couple of days, it's a pretty good candidate for the cause.  Meanwhile, steroids for a week to act as an antihistamine blocker ... but those will cause me to get really hyper (in the dr's words - I'll have more energy LOL), so then there's a sleep agent on top of that to calm me down ... plus a cream.  Is it bad that I've almost used up the cream in one day already? *** sigh ***

On the plus side, I've been wearing my PJs for pretty much the entire day, and plan on that tomorrow, too ... PJs are the only things that are semi-comfortable at the moment.  Not going out anywhere also lets me scrap to my heart's content :)

So, scrappy-wise, what have I been up to.  Purchasing Stampin' Up supplies - lots of them ... doing pages ... doing ATCs.  Yeah you read that correctly: Stampin' Up!   Got a bunch of things for a friend in Australia, and I'll get to hand-deliver them in a few months. Bonus :)  Digital page-wise, we recently finished another round of the digital morph (scraplift) game at DHD.  This time we had 30+ participants (like, um, wow!!), so we split up into three teams. Not that I'm competitive or anything, but Team Kat finished first - just sayin'.  Of course, everyone totally rocked the pages! You can see the side-by-side comparisons from the teams here.  I got to lift Erica Coombs, one of the DHD Designers - but no pressure, right? LOL  Here's my page:

I'm also running this month's Journaling Challenge - to write a letter to your younger self about life lesson learned, what you'd do differently, and what you wouldn't change for all the tea in China.  I was so excited to find out that a "new" designer was joining the DHD team - Ju Kneipp.  Now, I say new because she might be new to you, but I was working on Ju's Creative Team for a while - I used her Girl's Diary kit on this page for the challenge:

Well, gotta run - as I'm typing this, I have a great number of windows open 'cause I'm hosting the DHD Speed Scrap tonight - talk to you later!


I'm back - miss me?!  It's almost 12:30 a.m. and time for me to hit the sack, but the Speed Scrap is over and I wanted to share the page I created for this - here you go ...

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