Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day.  A day of mixed emotions for me.  Sure, I have my hubby right here as my son's Dad ... but I still miss my own father very much *sigh*  I'll be thinking of him this weekend; bet Mum will be, too.  Always one with a smile and a joke, a heart as big as a lion ... well, before I become a total mess of tears here at the computer, I wanted to share a lighthearted take on Father's Day - well, a Dad-related theme, at any rate.  Jen Martakis's new Dad's Day kit was full of handyman things ... and sorry to say, hon, but my hubby is far from handy. LOL  Who is? Heck, I AM!  Got my own power tools, have painted half the house, even started on refinishing the kitchen cabinets ... yep, I'm the handy one.  So, what better way to record that by including a female figure on my layout, but adding a mustache and tie ROFL!

I've been held up inside the house pretty much for the past four days due to the allergic reaction "thing" that I mentioned in my last post, but that has allowed me to scrap a little ... okay, more than a little. LOL  Here's a few things - the Blueprint Challenge at DHD - a free template from Gennifer Bursett, and it comes with the misting, stitching ... everything.

I combined a vintage photo with a modern-day kit, one of Audrey Neal's new ones called I Do. Oh, before I forget *** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT *** If you LOVE Audrey's design style, she's currently got an open Creative Team call!  You can get all the information HERE - the call closes June 24, so hurry up and let her know you're interested!

Scrapbooking ... we do it for ... what?  To record memories, stories, etc., right?  That should include the good, the bad, and the ugly - the REAL life that we and our families and friends live.  So, with that in mind, I went to the bad and the verging on ugly with a page about my allergy attack.  Of course, the fact that a friend in Australia wants to grab a pen and try and play a game of join the dots with my hives just cracks me up - love you, too, bro.  (Oh, and yes, that more pieces of some of Audrey's kits in there.)

While all this chaos has been going on, I've also been creating a number of things for the upcoming issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine ... here's a sneak peek of a few things *** wink ***

Aaaahhhh, and so the itching begins and another round starts ... gotta go!  If I don't make it back in the next couple of days, I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating with the Dad's in their lives.

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