Friday, August 10, 2012

Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Vacation.  Almost here. So close I can almost taste it.  Still got things to do (packing, last-minute laundry, etc.), but oh, so close.  Haven't had a "real" vacation in nearly 20 months, so this is much needed.  Well, sure I've visited family and done a scrapbook retreat or two, but those were generally long weekends where I spent almost as much time traveling to/from as I did actually chillin' and relaxin'.

So, in my attempt to get everything cleared away from work, scrapbooking, home, etc., I've strapped on my Wonder Woman cape and am giving it everything I've got.  Of course, the hubby is just sitting back, watching, waiting for me to get ill as I run myself into the ground.  But  ... HA!  Guess who's been sick the past week ... not me.  Him!  Guess who's sick now?  Our son.  Me?  Feelin' great. :)  LOL

While catching up on things, wanted to let you know that Jen Martakis is having a CT call - Jen's got shops at Two Peas, Gotta Pixel, and Hummie's World, so you can check out her kits there.

Here's something I did with one of Jen's newest kits, Happy (this was a profiled digi layout for a few days at Two Peas, which is kinda cool):

Let's see ... what else ... oh, dollar days at Design House Digital - for the ENTIRE month of August!  Seriously, where do the designers find the time to create like this?! There's already been about 20 products released - and we're not even half way through the month! So, I've been creating (remember: Wonder Woman) like a mad woman this past week or two ... here's a few things to share using bits 'n' pieces from the $1 kits -


Okay, enough gabbing for now ... still got a ton of things to get done ... later!

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Jeryn Carlisi said...

You probably won't be reading this until you get back from vacation! Glad you're finally getting away.